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As you can see, there are many good reasons why you should sell diabetic supplies. Therefore, gather everything you no longer need and use so they can be purchased and used by someone who does.

FAQs Related to Diabetes

Of course!

Unless you’ve stolen the test strips or if you have fraudulently submitted a request to Medicare or the VA for test strips with the sole intent to resell them which falls under the False Claims Act, it’s perfectly legal.

Believe it or not, diabetic test strips are a commodity similar to oil and pork bellies. As a result, due to the forces of supply and demand, prices are volatile and change frequently. The prices we pay will be determined by your brand, count per box, origin, and expiration dates (shelf life).

Fill out the form or call our hotline 904-468-6700 and we’ll provide current market pricing for the brands we buy. If you’re in one of the many nationwide markets where we have a courier, we’ll dispatch him immediately to bring cash right to your door. If you’re in a market where we don’t yet have a courier, we can send you money via PayPal immediately, along with a packing slip, pre-paid shipping label and schedule the USPS to come right to your door. How could it be any easier?

Based on the extremely low margins associated with lancets and blood glucose meters, we do not currently purchase these items but will be happy to donate them to a homeless shelter or low income family for you.

Yes, you can sell diabetic supplies to us, including test strips, bottled pills, CGM sensors, and inhalers, if you have extras.

Some people pay cash for diabetic test strips because they may need them urgently, their insurance doesn’t cover enough, or they prefer to buy without insurance involvement.

The worth of diabetic test strips can vary depending on factors such as brand, expiration date, condition, and demand. Prices can range from a few dollars to over $50 per box.

Expired diabetic supplies should not be used for medical purposes. However, some companies, like ours, may purchase them for proper disposal or recycling. It’s essential to handle expired supplies responsibly to ensure safety and environmental consciousness.

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I Buy Diabetic Supply

I Buy Diabetic Supply is a company where people can sell their unused diabetic supplies such as Lancets, CGMs, and test strips. 

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